Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blu-Ray Wins Battle Over HD-DVD

Toshiba already announced that they had discontinue HD-DVD format. Several websites already confirmed that HD-DVD lost and it's a dead technology. Walmart dropped out its support after Netflix, Blockbuster, etc...are exclusively supporting Blu-Ray. Watch the CNN report.

Here's One More Reason Why

Xbox360 is a ticking time bomb...waiting to die...The red ring of death is what people are calling this. Why should you get a system that might die on you tomorrow? Yeah, xbox360 got great games but so does the PS3. As of matter of fact, most of the games that are coming out for the 360 is also coming out for the PS3 with a couple of exceptions. Either way, the 2008 will be the year of the PS3.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Top 20 Reasons to Buy a PS3

If you don't own a PS3 yet, let me give you the top 20 reasons to buy one.

1. Plays 1080p Blu-Ray DVD's like a champ.
2. Playstation Network (PSN) is free. Play multiplayer games, download themes and demos for are free. Unlike Xbox Live you have to pay $49/year.
3. Bluetooth functionality. You can get any bluetooth head piece for mic use. I use the same bluetooth headpiece for my phone and PS3.
4. Wireless controller comes with cable to charge. No AA batteries or buy a rechargeable battery like the Xbox 360.
5. No overheating problem. At least not in my machine. I was running my machine for 16+ hours and still runs like a champ. 6. Big hard drive space. I got the 60gb version. There's also 40gb & 80gb available. My Xbox360 only got 12gb!
7. You can install operating systems such as Windows, Tiger, Linux, etc...
8. Wi-Fi wireless internet connection. I know wire is faster but honestly, when I play online games like COD4, Warhawk, etc... I don't have any lags. The only drawback is the server. But I rarely have that problem now. Looks like they upgraded.
9. Surf the internet with the browser.
10. Plays Flash videos. can play YouTube Videos etc...
11. Divx functionality.
12. HDMI connection allows HD audio & video.
13. Memory Stick, Secure Digital & CompactFlash media card slots so you can put your pictures and movie clips in your PS3. You can even set your own picture in the background.
14. 60gb & 80gb version plays almost all your old PS1 & PS2 games, DVDs and CD's. (*note: The 40gb doesn't play any PS1 or PS2 disc games because they took out the emotion chip to reduce the price. But future updates will allow you to download the games kinda like Xbox360.
15. 5 Free Blu-Ray movies with purchase of PS3 and also the 80gb version comes with a free Motorstorm game.
16. SIXAXIS motion sense controller.
17. PS3 Exclusive games coming up. Here's the list for 2008. Click here
18. Home is a virtual world where you can meet people interactive. Like the Sims.
19. Great games like Motorstorm, Resistance Fall of Man, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted Drake's Fortune, Ratchet & Clank Tools of Destruction, Warhawk & Folklore CANNOT BE MISSED!
20. Big 2008 Games PS3 Exclusives: Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5, God of War 3, Haze, Killzone 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Little Big Planet, Resistance: Rise of Man, Tekken 6, The Getaway, etc...Here's the List

The price actually comes out cheaper vs. the Xbox360. I'm not a fanboy on either system, I just think the PS3 gives you more than what some people think. I do own a Xbox360 and when I end up buying all the extras for it; it came up costing more than the PS3. While both platforms has great games; I own Halo3 & Bioshock and all of the games I listed above for the PS3, I just think the PS3 is the best bang for your buck.